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Output composition, trade structure, and growth regimes in Latin American countries
Pisa, Toscana
Workshop; Seminario Istituto di Economia; 2023
Institución organizadora:
Laboratory of Economics and Management
The general objective of this study is to assess how the output composition and the trade patterns that Latin American countries experience in the long run affect their prospects for economic growth.As specific objectives, we propose:-To study the pattern of industrialization of these countries, both in terms of production and employment, in absolute and relative trends (heterogeneity within the region).-Examine the historical nature of the exporting structures that have shaped the countries? performance in a context of deindustrialization and activity slowdowns in the region.-Measure these structures by factorial efficiency indicators at the product and technological class level and evaluate them under the framework of countries? quality of specialization.-Analyse the countries? growth patterns in terms of long-term persistence and volatility.-Explore the trade-growth nexus both at the country and the technological level by estimating the effect of countries? specialisation patterns on growth persistence and stability.