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Mothers Up-Close in Argentine Cinema (Con referato)
Maternal Geographies. Mothering in and out of place (Con referato)
Demeter Press
Año: 2019; p. 177 - 188
Argentine cinema has recently been in the mainstream´s limelight thanks to films such as El secreto de sus ojos (2009) or Relatos salvajes (2014). It goes without saying that there exist a host of Argentine movies which are nor acknowledged in these circles but are nevertheless excellent quality and which deal with themes no less central to the human condition than the ones dealt with in the films previously mentioned. Of particular interest to the scope of this analysis are two recent Argentine films that deal with motherhood and convention, with an inevitable focus on the representation of women that find themselves deviating from the norm. These are Lengua materna (2010), written and directed by Liliana Paolinelli and Soleada (2016) written and directed by Gabriella Trettel. Lengua materna narrates the process of acceptance and learning undergone by a mother at finding out that her daughter is a lesbian and has been in a relationship for several years with whom she thought her roommate. Soleada, from a more intimate perspective, deals with the circumstances by which a woman, mother of teenagers, starts questioning her apparently uneventful and conventional life and wondering whether that is what she really wants when she finds herself alone in their newly acquired summer home. My aim is to explore the places assigned to motherhood, how these mothers resist impositions and try to appropriate other places to which they do not belong, and the power struggles involved in reclaiming these. Inhabiting other places than those assigned constructs a different sociality and a different subjectivity. The emphasis will be on the configuration of domestic versus non-domestic spaces and their intersections, categories which will be elaborated upon drawing from human geography´s notions of home, nature and Thirdspace (Soja).