Congresos y reuniones científicas
Lineamiento sobre las buenas prácticas médicas en caso de aborto no punible
Congreso; XVII Congreso Nacional y VII Latinoamericano de Sociología Jurídica; 2016
Institución organizadora:
Sociedad Argentina de Sociología Jurídica -SASJU-
Doctors and health professionals directly involved in non-punishable abortion practice are social actors who construct representations of the phenomenon. It is proposed to analyze the regulatory rules of their practice, known as "protocols" that are held between associations and medical confederations, international and national level. It analyze in policy speeches, it will inquire what are the positions on abortion. They act directly intermediating between decision and action. It is the medicine that allows you to manipulate embryos, create or terminate a pregnancy. The analysis of medical discourse on aspects continue to guide concrete practices hospital or laboratory, allow us to enrich and meet in part the complex reality of this phenomenon of abortion not punishable. This will give us guidelines for good medical practices that are not considered negligent and eventually get caught in abortion offenses under the Criminal Code Argentine.