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Lost in the Funhouse: Considerations for Changing the Structure of Literature Sequences
Congreso; 2002 FAAPI Conference: Curriculum Development: Managing the Change; 2002
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This presentation argues the case that literature sequences should be taught in reverse order, beginning with the most current literature and working backwards through the various literary periods.  Most English programs contain a series of literature classes where the sequencing follows the traditional pattern beginning with Old English and working its way towards Contemporary Fiction or Postmodernism.  There are two primary reasons for this suggested change in structure.  First, contemporary literature is often easier for students due to their knowledge of the language and culture.  Intertextual allusions are often easier to understand and most students may already know the slang or other types of language used in a modern literary work.  This is especially true with more contemporary genres such as the mystery, science fiction, the western, certain comic books or drawn novels, and other non-canonical works.  A second reason lies in the nature of some metafictional works.