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Self-discovery in Maus: The Theory of Metafiction and [Auto]biography
La Plata
Jornada; Primeras Jornadas de Cultura y Literatura en Lengua Inglesa; 2004
Institución organizadora:
Universidad Nacional de la Plata
In recent years, the focus on metafiction has switched from analyzing metafiction as a literary technique to using the concept of metafiction as a theory for analyzing literary works (Jablon).  This change in focus includes the genre of [auto]biography as well, where [auto]biography becomes more than a genre (Varsava), it becomes a metafictional theory which analyzes the manipulation of tropes, the structuring and shaping of the narrative, and the journey of self-exploration (Varsava and Stirling). Metafiction and the [auto]biography can come together to create instances of narrative splitting which accentuates loss and details how the story came to be written (Stirling).  This is clearly seen in the visual text as well as the written text in Art Spiegelman?s Maus.