Congresos y reuniones científicas
Redacción en Diarios Personales en la Clase Literatura: Expresión de Ideas en Lengua Extranjera (Inglés).
Congreso; ." I Congreso Nacional de Humanidades, 6tas Jornadas de Ciencia y Tecnología de la Facultad de Humanidades; 2005
Institución organizadora:
Universidad Nacional de Catamarca

The current discourse in literary analysis focuses on the ability to find as many interpretations as possible within a given text; the reader, in effect, becomes author and re-writes the text, re-structures the text or even reads against the text, questions the assumptions of the text critically (Iser; McQuillan).  This trend began with reader response theory and continues with the various theories that make up postmodern criticism.  In spite of the fact that this trend has been current over the last 25 years or more, many students have still been taught to find the authoritative interpretation or focus on the author's intent.  Because of this focus, many students in high school literature classes and in university introductory literature classes are hesitant to speak up in class and offer their own interpretation which might not be acceptable to the teacher and/or professor.