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El Enigmático Poe
La Rioja
Conferencia; El Enigmático Poe; 2007
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More mystery and myth exist than facts when it comes to detailing the life and works of Edgar Allan Poe.  In analyzing and recounting his life and works, one is left with more questions than answers and many misconceptions and inaccuracies are continuously perpetuated. Current encyclopedias, bibliographies and websites often offer contradictory information, debunking some of the myths in the introduction while repeating the same misinformation later in the same article. The most basic facts about Poe?s life often differs depending on the biography or resources consulted, therefore it is possible to find varying accounts which may contradict the information presented here.  It is important, however, to attempt an understanding of the difference between the mythic Poe and the actual Poe in order to understand his innovations and influence regarding literature and popular culture. Poe?s writings, keen literary eye, editorship and literary critiques make him an important figure in terms of an historical view of the concept of counterculture, his contributions to US literature and the development of the short story as an American genre and art form.