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Visualizing the Lyrical through the Comics Medium
Jornada; XLIII Jornada de la Asociación Argentina de Estudios Americanos; 2011
Institución organizadora:
Asociación Argentina de Estudios Americanos

This presentation applies the theoretical components of lyric poetry to the comics medium. On its most elementary foundation, literary handbooks and introductory texts (Homan and Harmon, Kennedy and Strand and Boland) define lyric poetry as short poems based on personal experience, subjectivity, exploration into the emotions, imagination and melody. These basic elements can exist on a semiotic level exclusively through the visual and these elements can find expression in the comics medium where both written and visual texts combine to express variations on the lyric. This combination demonstrates more than a simplistic illustration of a lyric poem on paper; rather it reveals a complex dialog between image and text that synthesizes into a complete whole. The end result reveals a unique dimension of the lyric poem and at the same time further substantiates the medium status of comics in that it shows comics to contain a vast and rich variety of genres and sub-genres. The majority of examples for analysis come from the US and includes a few examples from Argentina.