Use of English Series: Error detection and correction Revised edition
Impresiones FL
Año: 2012 p. 120
The present materials have been designed to provide advanced students of English Language IV with additional practice in the detection and correction of errors in word choice, syntax and punctuation. Theoretical summaries, focused exercises, as well as sections for review and consolidation, have been interspersed with passages with flaws in need of revision and reformulation. Such combination purports to furnish students with useful tools to benefit from the practice provided by focusing on possible problem areas, enhancing their learning strategies, and developing skills to rectify recurring deviations and thus avoid typical pitfalls in their own productions. The authors wish to thank the 2011 class of English Language IV students for their invaluable help in the form of inspiring questions, enlightening comments, and constructive suggestions, as well as for their serious commitment to the everyday work that the material demanded. Without their priceless contribution, this revised edition of Error Detection and Correction would not have been possible. We hope that our next class of students will benefit from the new edition just as much as we have enjoyed improving it.