English Language III: A Lexico-Grammar Practice Booklet
Impresiones FL
Lugar: Córdoba; Año: 2015 p. 69

The present lexico-grammarpractice booklet is designed to be used as supplementary material together withthe English Language III students? in-class and out-of-class course materials. Students often have trouble not only understanding thelexical chunks they needto learn in the language classroom, but also using them effectively. Thisbooklet provides students with the opportunity to develop and enhance theirlexical competence by providing them with an approach which puts special emphasison the explicit instruction of content-specific vocabulary, idiomaticexpressions, semantic field verbs and multi-word verbs. The material presentedhas been organized in four sections which address the areas of difficulty in athematic way through exercises such as sentence building, transformationsentences, open cloze exercises, gap filling exercises, and multiple-choicetasks, among others.  The variety in theactivities designed derives from a wide range of sources and covers the topicsand skills required to become competent learners. We intend to address our students? needs encouraging not only a strategicapproach to language learning, but also a systematic and organized way todevelop and improve lexical use. The goal of the exercises is to help studentsnotice, identify and analyze some of the relevant aspects of the mastery of thelexico-grammar of each unit of the syllabus.