Writing a For and Against Essay: Genre-Based Classroom Materials
F.L Copias
Año: 2019 p. 120
This handbook is the first of a multi-level series of genre-based materials published in close coordination between the Chairs of English Language III and IV. It is an attempt to provide students of English Language III with the necessary theoretical background and practice material for developing their writing skills so that they are better equipped to meet the challenges of writing within the conventions of required texts. The handbook is divided into two main sections: PART A, which consists of two chapters, provides the theoretical framework to start working on the for and against essay. The first chapter includes an abbreviated history of changing paradigms in the teaching and learning of writing as well as an introduction to the for and against essay. The second chapter is intended to provide an introduction to Genre Theory and an explanation of the Teaching and Learning Cycle in Practice. PART B, which consists of five chapters, contains the actual activities based on the cycle of teaching and learning: building the social context, modelling, joint construction, independent construction and linking related texts (Feez, 1998) and have been designed for English Language III students on the basis of authentic assignments and student sample texts. This class completes two syllabus units during the first term: and ?Life in society: Facing the challenges of conflicts and dilemmas? and ?Life in society: The perils of stereotypes and prejudices.? The class completes two syllabus units during the second term: ?The powers of language and the threats to its integrity? and ?The amazing connections between the human mind and the body.? The stimulating and challenging discussions and debates which take place in the context of these major topics and their sub-topics provide the basis for work on the genre for and against essay.