Una aproximación a la inclusión financiera y a los determinantes de la disponibilidad de los servicios bancarios en la provincia de Córdoba
Ensayos de Política Económica
Universidad Católica Argentina
Lugar: Buenos Aires; Año: 2015 vol. II p. 10 - 10
his paper briefly describes the two main channels of banking services (branches and ATMs) in the state of Cordoba for the period 2000-2013. While the number of branches showed a slight increase, there is a big boost in banking services points through ATMs. However, the expansion of ATMs is mainly in localities with bank branches already installed and this growth simply tends to alleviate the deterioration in the bankingservices provided by financial institutions. Among other findings, the settlement of a branch in towns of less than 10,000 inhabitants seems not to be a profitable strategy for private banks, and these towns are serviced by public banks. Regarding the determinants of the availability of banking services, the increase in the population affected by current income deprivation would be associated with a lower demand of banking services and this situation would generate fewer incentives to open a bank branch.