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The determinants of Tariff and Non-Tariff Restrictions in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico: Evidence from the Great Recession
Congreso; XIX Applied Economics Meeting; 2016
Institución organizadora:
Universidad de Sevilla
This paper explores the macro and microeconomic determinants of tariff and Anti Dumping (AD) barriers in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico using pre and post-2008 Great Recession trade and protection data. As to tariff determinants, institutional agreements appear to have kept applied tariff in control after the crisis, while the positive impact of intra-industry trade reveals the governmental dependence on tariff revenue in both Sud-American countries. As to AD determinants, the evidence for Argentina indicates that this country may have further increased AD investigations after the crisis as a complement to tariff. Finally, the Great Recesion has not reinforced the relationship between an appreciation/devaluation on the probability of an initiation of an AD procedure.