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A Comparative Study of Environmental Expenditure in the European Union and Latin American. Cases of Germany, Brazil and Argentina
San Pablo
Seminario; International Association for Comparative Economic Studies IACES. 8th Arnoldshain Seminar: ?Designing Strategies for Sustained Growth and Development: EU and LA Compared; 2008
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International Association for Comparative Economic Studies IACES
To evaluate the importance of the economies related to the environmental problems resolution, one of the key variables to analyze is the amount of resources that those economies use for that purpose. These monetary items are the manifestation of the importance of the environment in the agendas of each actor of the economy. Among the reasons were used to justify such outlays are: prevention or reversal impacts on the environment wich generates the activities, evaluation of the environmental policy efficiency, measurement of the environmental policy financial impact on economy?s individual sectors and the businesses?s competitiveness, the impact on the private actors?s financial situation and the environmental sector of the economy?s performance evaluation. This paper poses as a central goal to carry a comparative analysis of environmental expenditure in Germany, Brazil and Argentina, as part of the economic blocks to which these economies belong (EU and LA). To achieve this goal two items will be discussed: the scope of the three main methodologies used for the estimation of environmental expenditure, and the building comparable series of environmental expenditure for Germany, Brazil and Argentina, with the aim of analyzing their symmetries and asymmetries in absolute and relative terms; the latter, measured in terms of their participation in the GDP and the share of each item of expenditure in the total environmental spending. The function of expenditure, its nature and the sector responsible for the expense, in each economy studied will also be dealt with.