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The determinantas of innovation complementarities in the software sector. Evidence from Argentina
La Habana
Congreso; 13 Globelics International Conference; 2015
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In the context of profound economic growth that has been taking place in Latin American countries, the extent of innovation in high technology sectors such as Knowledge Intensive Business Services (KIBS), is fundamental to consolidate a virtuous developing path. In this sense, successful innovation in business depends on the development and integration of new knowledge in the innovation process. This paper analyzes the existence of complementarity between internal and external sources of knowledge for innovation activities in firms from the software sector of Argentina, taking into account the limited treatment of these matters in studies of innovation of these sectors in emerging economies. The theoretical framework is grounded on the Make and Buy literature, innovation studies and KIBS literature; and the econometric tools involves a series of estimations of the innovation function (Ordered Probit, Tobit and Probit) and super and sub modularity tests. The results allow us to state the existence of complementary relations between internal and external knowledge sources, regardless the regression model considered, which underline the robustness of the quantitative exercise. Also, as a secondary objective, we explore the degree that complementarity relations are influenced by diverse characteristics of the firms and contextual aspects