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e-inclusion in the Province of Cordoba Relations between social and digital divide
Congreso; EATIS 2012 - Euro American Conference on Telematics and Information Systems; 2012
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This paper analyzes the socio-economic and demographic factors associated with the digital divide in the province of Cordoba. Specifically we see to what extent factors such as gender, age, education level, socioeconomic status, industry, combined and are associated with e-inclusion. Data were obtained from a survey of 4026 residents of Cordoba in 2009, as part of a research project accredited by the Ministry of Science and Technology, National University of Cordoba. The analysis method used is the decision tree classification algorithm based on the CHAID (Chi-Squared Automatic Interaction Detection).The results indicate that the level of education and age are the main factors associated with the e-inclusion, the first being the most critical. In turn are analyzed, socioeconomic factors associated with the "disconnected" belonging to the economically active sector of the population (people aged between 15-64 years).