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Decentralization, new form of governance of the educational system and teachers´ work in Argentina: From the State to the market
Seminario; 7th ESRC Seminar Privatisation, new forms of governance and work; 2005
Institución organizadora:
IOE. University of London

The aim of this paper is analyse the new configurations that the governance of education assumes in Argentina starting from the decentralization of the education and the regulations that enable the Federal Law of Education (1993).  The new form of intervention of the national State reveals itself in a displacement of the delivery of the educational service in order to assume the rol of main responsible in the design and control of the educational policies (Evaluative State), giving more autonomy to the local levels (province and Buenos Aires City Government) and a growing responsibility to the scholar institutions and teachers for the outcomes of the educational quality.

In this paper we present results of research we have been developing on recent educational reforms in our country, especially, regarding comparatively the ?re-contextualizations?  in the local level modalities of governance of the educational system (meso-level) and the impact that these processes are generating on the teaching work (micro-level) in two Argentinian provinces (Córdoba and San Luis).

This paper has been structured in four sections: first, we give a conceptual framework on which our analyses is based. Second, and in connection with the previous, we consider the debates and the more important tendencies on the ?new educational management?. In a third section, we identify the actors and their strategies of power in the framework of the new regulations in the current contexts in Argentina. Finally, we discuss some subjects that should conform an political agenda that will guarantee suitable levels of governance of  the post-reform educational system in Argentina.