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Using New Technologies in the Grammar Class: The New Role of the Teacher
Encuentro; Cuarto Encuentro Nacional de Profesorados de Inglés ?Lost in Digiland? TxTU more 18r?.; 2009
Institución organizadora:
Instituto Superior Juan Zorrilla de San Martín

In the first part of our presentation, we will point out the reasons why nowadays there are growing demands on teachers to become technologically literate and how the role of the teacher changes when he/she favours a computer-based approach to teaching and learning. In the second part, we will discuss different reasons why the use of new technological tools allows for more self-directed and self-regulated learning in the grammar class when teaching English as a foreign language; more specifically, we will refer to a number of aspects that grammar teachers should take into account in today´s classrooms to free learning and teaching from the limitations and constraints of the traditional class and reap full benefits of the advantages of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).