Capítulos de libros
Suggestions for oral academic presentations: Organization of information and feedback sessions.
English for Academic Purposes and Language Skills: Research and Classroom Applications.
Facultad de Lenguas, UNC. Colección Lecturas del Mundo Nº 2.
Lugar: Córodoba; Año: 2009; p. 1 - 209
The purpose of this paper is to discuss ways of fostering the practice of oral academic skills in the context of teaching English as a foreign language (EFL) to advanced proficiency students enrolled in a teacher training programme at university. Based on my observation of students´ performance and research findings on this topic, I propose practical ways to empower L2 ´ college students so that they can improve their performance in exploring ways to help academic presentations. Thus, the focus of this paper is helping on learners in the mastery of specific lexis in different content areas, in the appropriate use of complex grammatical structures, and in the clear presentation of controversial issues. This approach is not only introspective, i.e. what students can or should be able to do in the language class, but also prospective: what they should be prepared to do in order to face the challenges of other subjects in their course of studies as undergraduate L2 students.