Disasters and the environment: Handout of language practice. English Language II Unit 5.
Impresiones FL de Natalia Rondini
Lugar: Córdoba; Año: 2010 p. 90
This is the third in a series of four handouts intended to be used as supplementary material in the English Language II course at the School of Languages, National University of Córdoba, Argentina. This handout is organized into four learning sessions which include a variety of reading, vocabulary, grammar, listening comprehension, speaking and writing tasks dealing with the main topics included in the fifth unit of the current English Language II syllabus: Disasters and the Environment. This material is based on previous versions designed and piloted in the courses we have taught. We present a variety of learning tasks intended to foster communicative and cooperative language development, critical thinking, and strategic language learning. Some strategy instruction is included to help students become more successful and autonomous language learners. All in all, this material aims at providing EFL learners with an opportunity to understand not only what they can learn in the language classroom, but also how they can learn the language they are studying more effectively and efficiently.