Work: Handout of language practice. English Language II Unit 1
Impresiones FL de Natalia Rondini
Lugar: Córdoba; Año: 2010 p. 66
This handout is a compilation of a variety of language activities to provide English Language II undergraduate students at the School of Languages, National University of Córdoba with integrated language learning experiences. Some of the activities included here have been designed by the authors themselves, while some others have been taken from widely used textbooks in EFL teaching. In the latter case, we have acknowledged the sources. These materials are organised into twelve learning sessions which provide balanced practice in listening, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary and speaking skills. Such practice is related to various topics included in the first unit in the English Language II syllabus: Work. The suggested activities apply the principles of collaborative learning and are based on the Communicative Language Teaching approach. We have tried to ensure that learners are provided with varied learning experiences, so that they can apply different learning strategies according to their own learning styles. Finally, we include explicit strategy instruction because we believe that this can help students become more successful and autonomous language learners.