Developing your oral academic skills: A handbook for learners of English as a foreign language
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Lugar: Córdoba; Año: 2009 p. 49
The guidelines and tasks included in this handbook have been designed to facilitate EFL students? learning process at post-intermediate level as they seek to develop general naturalness and clarity of speech, critical thinking skills, a control of grammatical structures, and an appropriate use of varied subject-core vocabulary in communicative contexts and critical thinking skills. Thus, the main objective of this material is to help students improve their mastery of the foreign language and approach knowledge in a way that makes them become self-confident and competent speakers. This handbook consists of two main sections. Section one includes sets of speaking tasks for classroom practice. Section two provides some practice in structuring a speech and guidelines to help learners go about the often daunting task of preparing and giving effective presentations in the language class. Finally, a teacher?s assessment form as well as a peer-evaluation sheet and a self-evaluation sheet are included to be photocopied and used as feedback tools in oral in-class reports.