English Language II: Leisure and Holidays. Handout of language practice.
FL Copias
Lugar: Córdoba; Año: 2020 p. 81
This handout is intended to be used in the English Language II course at the School of Languages, National University of Córdoba, Argentina. It is organized into five modules: a) Leisure time, b) Entertainment, Movies, The Arts, Sports; c) Travelling; d) Kinds of holidays and e) The world?s natural and cultural heritage sites. Each module includes a variety of reading, writing, listening and speaking tasks dealing with the main topics included in the first unit in the current English Language II syllabus: Leisure and Holidays. This third edition of the handout is based on previous versions piloted in the courses we have taught and includes some activities for students to take advantage of online resources.As most present-day language teachers, we view language learning as a holistic, integrated process, and we consider students as active participants in the learning process; therefore, we hope that they will engage in the activities suggested in this handout from a critical, independent and strategic perspective. To this end, we present a variety of learning tasks intended to foster communicative and strategic language learning as well as critical thinking and collaborative language development. Explicit reference to learning strategies is made in each module to help students become more successful and autonomous language learners.