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Translation at the Crossroads of a National Literature: The Case of Woolf, Borges, and Ocampo
San Francisco
Congreso; 20th International Conference on Language Literature and Cultural Studies; 2018
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As a cultural construct, ecology is an interdisciplinaryaspect of environmental studies, which have gradually pervaded and affected various(if not every) domain in culture over the past fifty years. This sameperiod has witnessed the development of translation studies and theirsubsequent shift towards the cultural studies. Considering that translation is in itself the epitome of cultural transference,and it is thus a crucial discipline in the realm of the ecological movement, thispaper aims at looking into the complexities of transnational environmentalrelationships established by translation of literary works and exploring howestablished models can be torn down and rules can be rewritten through paradigmshifts generated by means of translation. To this end, we have structuredour work in four main sections to reflect upon ecologicalthought throughout history, the language of nature in certain literaryworks, ecocriticism, and ecotranslation. The latter, as a linguistic ecologicalpractice, is illustrated by three case studies.

Our objectives arise from the fact that we have surveyedmuch literature where mistranslations have silenced the voice of nature. Unitingecology and translation within the frame of cultural studies may present a newapproach to translating and contribute to foster debate on ecological issues,as certain key concepts (such as ecological values, the human perspective ofthe natural world and how this is conveyed through language) begin to bestudied from new perspectives.