The Search for Indicators of ICT Preliminary Study on Industrial Enterprises of Córdoba and Rosario
Computer Technology and Application
David Publishing
Año: 2011 p. 550 - 550
n this paper, the incorporation and use of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) in organizations are recognized as a process that occurs in stages involving progressive levels of maturity towards the integration of the extended value chain. In the beginning, ICT are applied to the digitalization of tasks and processes within the organization that facilitates the transition to the stage of integration of information systems and internal communication. Once this level of maturity is reached it is possible to extend the application of ICT in inter-organizational processes. The main objective of this work is to identify factors that encourage the integration of inter-organizational information systems and the development of the extended value chain. One of the difficulties that this kind of study has to face is on the lack of precise empirical tools that enable comparability of results, both in time and between sectors and countries. It is therefore necessary to perform specif