Congresos y reuniones científicas
e-Credibilidad: una perspectiva interdisciplinaria desde el área de las Ciencias Sociales
Conferencia; 6th Collaborative Electronic Commerce Technology and Research; 2008
Institución organizadora:
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
In this work we try to show the hypothesis according to which certain problems only can be boarded in a interdisciplinary way. The primary purpose that we follow is to introducing a look to a problem in the area of Electronic Commerce, focusing in the credibility of the digital signature. The knowledge frame that we shared and from which we developed our analysis maintains as main idea that scientific or technological studies cannot be done a separate way of the problems that emerge from the social practices. To misplace the interaction between science, technology and society is to excessively limit the knowledge idea with which a certain fact will be approached. This presentation is based on the construction of the digital signature like a complex system in which the credibility is a property that is derived from the systemic structure of the object of study and its interaction with the surroundings. Both constituent basic elements of the credibility are the security and the knowledge. What we will show throughout the work is the inter-definition of both elements and of the disciplinal practices that they take part in the construction of this system.