Congresos y reuniones científicas
Concealment, Acceptance and Engagement Strategies in 20th Century Queer American Drama
Congreso; Crossroads; 2012
Institución organizadora:
UNESCO, Universidad de la Sorbona

            Because of its very nature, a spectacular representation of life, drama may help to unravel identity building by exploring gay male representations and the process of cultural production of that identity in society. Queer theory has become highly significant to untangle the cultural development of gay male identity in American theater and it may contribute to untangle American gay drama in order to better understand coming out strategies on the stage and in society. This presentation intends to explore 20th century gay American drama before Stonewall, from Stonewall to Tony Kushner?s Angels in America, and at the turn of the 21st century. While these three periods may contribute to outline queer representations on the American stage, they vary notoriously in their approach to the subject, and these differences may shed some light on rejection or acceptance processes occurring in American society in these periods.