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The EFL textbook through the eyes of students
Buenos Aires
Congreso; 11TESOL Convention - Cono Sur; 2015
Institución organizadora:
TESOL Argentina
In this paper, we will analyze, from a qualitative stand-point, the data obtained from a questionnaire carried out on 70 Intermediate-EFL learners so as to discover some of their perceptions on multimodal elements such as images, color, charts/tables, icons and general lay-out in the textbooks used in their courses. The information drawn from the questionnaire will then be compared with the results obtained in research project, which includes the analysis of six EFL textbooks ranging from beginners to advanced levels. Finally, we will try to identify differences between some general trends we discovered in EFL textbooks and the multimodal elements learners pay attention to or rely on in EFL textbooks. We believe that this analysis can provide insight into how learners interact with multimodal classroom material and it can contribute to novel pedagogical approaches when using or designing classroom material.