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The Functions of Intonation: Integrating Different Approaches in Instruction
Revista del Centro de Investigación Lingüística y Didáctica de la Lengua Inglesa
Centro de Investigación en Lingüística y Didáctica de la Lengua Inglesa
Lugar: Córdoba; Año: 2012; p. 94 - 103
This article is a proposal for the adoption of an eclectic approach to teaching intonation at teacher training levels, combining some notions and ideas developed from different perspectives. The theories or schools that gave birth to these perspectives are not fully described for matters of space and practical purposes. Nevertheless, general considerations are made so as to see the importance of combining divergent approaches to the functions of intonation. In addition, certain terms are explained for different points to be made clear in the discussion. Examples of exercises are interspersed with explanations. Overall, it is expected that a contribution could be made toward understanding the pedagogic benefit of using elements of different approaches in introducing and practicing intonation, as students can be sensitized to the importance of managing prosodic features to construct meaning appropriately and effectively in oral communication.